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Eng. Ghulam Mohammed Alomgir

Chairman & Founder, (MAX GROUP)

Beginning its journey from a very small scale, transcending numerous steps in its way, today MAX Group has attained a leading position in the construction industry of Bangladesh.Started at 1983,MAX had to outgo through a very rugged way throughout its journey.But based on great integrity, teamwork, commitment and determintion,now we are in the peak of enrichment.The industry is filled with buzzword and phrase."We want to do things differently"-MAX transforms this vague concept into concrete way of doing business.MAX strongly believes,"When you do something do it in style and with quality and never leave things for tomorrow tha-t you can do today". Standing on the platform we have reached today,we can proudly say that in Railway Construction and as an EPC Contractor of Powergeneration Plants,we are the Number One Company in Bangladesh.But the world is changing and so is MAX.So,apart from these two sectors,MAX is working of Roads & Highways, Flyover & Bridges,Power,Stainless Stell,Lubricants and Construction inside and beyond Bangladesh territory.

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