About Us

“Bangladesh Innovation Forum” is a voluntary organization whose main strength is the dedicated volunteers of the forum. The organization is already operating its activities in every division of the country and “Bangladesh Innovation Forum” has its own committee in 100+ educational institutions. All activities of “Bangladesh Innovation Forum” are regularly notified in the Advisory Council of the organization. In addition, “Bangladesh Innovation Forum” has more than Two hundred mentors across the country who have already been successful in their respective fields.

Within the short time of the establishment, “Bangladesh Innovation Forum” has emerged as a well-known organization in the country. In this respect, the “Bangladesh Innovation Forum” gratefully remembers the role of various government and non-government organizations. Meanwhile, “Bangladesh Innovation Forum” is proud to work as a partner in various programs of the government.  It is worth mentioning that “BIF” operated the Innovation Zone of “Digital World”, the country’s largest IT-based arrangements as an associate of the Information Technology Department of Bangladesh Government.

Apart from this, various seminars have been organized as a collaborator of the Department of Information Technology, Government of Bangladesh. In addition, “Bangladesh Innovation Forum” has signed an MOU with Access to Information (A2I) operated from the Prime Minister’s Office.