Telescope Making Workshop

Telescope Making Workshop

Our scientists are working hard to unveil the unknown mysteries of space. From children to teenagers and people of all ages are interested to know about this mystery. Our solar system includes Planets, Milky Way, Moon, Saturn, Red Planet Mars, etc. And to observe all these, first, we need a telescope. Through the telescope, we can see these objects very closely. How does it sound?
Children will make their own telescopes and see the stars and the moon in the distant sky. Observing all these amazing ideas, Bangladesh Innovation Forum and Space Innovation Camp have come together to organize the “Telescope Making Workshop”.

What will be in the workshop?

  1. Kids will make their own telescope and every step of the making will be shown and taught to them.
    ***Through our experienced mentors, we will provide a digital prospectus with pictures of the making process.
    ***The mentors will show how to make the telescope through a video.
    ***Mentors will answer all the questions through virtual live sessions.
  2. If participants face any challenges throughout the construction process, there will be a separate mentor panel for each team and they can talk to them one-on-one.
  3. Once all the institutions resume, we will organize a physical program where the children will observe the night sky and participate in the graduation program. (tentative date of this program 20 March 2021, depending on Covid situation)

Rules of participation:

  1.  4-5 years, 6-7 years, 9-12 years in a total of 3 groups.
  2. Registration fee BDT 500 (All participants will be given certificates and medals)
  3. To participate, you must first register from this link:
    The last date of registration is 15 February 2021.
  4. The equipment needed to make the telescope (lens, sliding focus, tube, angle finder, cardboard), etc. can be purchased by the participants themselves or they can take it from us by paying a certain amount of fee.
  5. By February 28, 2021, the children will make a telescope and send us a video presentation (maximum 3 minutes). The video should include how the telescope was made.
As an Award:
  1. 6 people from 3 groups will be declared champions and runners-up. They will receive certificates and honorary mementos.
How the participants will be judged:
  1. There will be 30% marks based on the video presentation.
  2. 20% Marks from Facebook Like / Share.
  3.  50% Marks from the physical program which will be in the judge panel’s hand.