Seminar on Data Science

In this age of technology, the need for data science is increasing in various fields, including business, science, research, social system, medicine, politics, space science. In this case, the need for data science is increased,

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An unique initiative with Children’s named “Robot Banai”

“Bangladesh Innovation Forum” has initiated an exceptional program called “Nijer Hate Robot Banai”

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Digital Marketing Strategy for Business

The seminar on ‘Digital Marketing Strategy for Business’ was organized on November 11, 2017, by Bangladesh Innovation Forum. This seminar was held at the Krishibid Institution of Bangladesh (KIBC 3D Seminar Hall) in the capital. 

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Gaming Conference to Guide the Young Generation in Gaming

The ‘Gaming Conference’ was held on November 11, 2017, organized by Bangladesh Innovation Forum.

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Business Planning Seminar

Bangladesh Innovation forum arranged “Business Planning Seminar” on 28 October, 2011 at Daffodil International University.

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Business Innovation Summit

The biggest event organized by Bangladesh Innovation Forum is the “Business Innovation Summit”. On August 5, 2017, the “Business Innovation Summit”

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Organizing the first-ever ‘IOT conference’ in the country

The use of the Internet of Things (IOT) worldwide is increasing day by day.

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Workshop on Innovation and Intellectual Property

It is very important to have an IP / copyright / patent for any product or innovation to bring it to the Market

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Workshop on Innovation with Big Data Analysis, IOT and Mobile

“Bangladesh Innovation Forum” organized a workshop in Dhaka at United International University

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Career Clinic

Entering into the career place and to move forward with success, it is very important to know

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Innovators Hub

Science is running in search of innovation to make people’s life easier. Wherever the problem is encountered, the innovators are working relentlessly to find the solution

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Tech Meetup With Kawshar Ahmed

কাওসার আহমেদ টেক্সটাইল ইঞ্জিনিয়ারিং পড়ার সময় শখের বশে শুরু করেন প্রোগ্রামিং। সেই শখ থেকেই একসময় তিনি মেধা, প্রজ্ঞা ও পরিশ্রমের সম্মিলনে হয়ে ওঠেন বাংলাদেশের একজন খ্যাতিমান আইটি প্রফেশনাল। ২০১০ সালে তিনি প্রতিষ্ঠা করেন পৃথিবী বিখ্যাত জুমলা টেম্পলেট প্রোভাইডার কোম্পানি ‘জুমশেপার(JoomShaper)’। সেই সাথে আরেকটি উদাহরণ তৈরি করেন যে আইটি বিষয়ে প্রাতিষ্ঠানিক শিক্ষা না থাকলেও আইটি প্রফেশনাল

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