Business Innovation Summit

The biggest event organized by Bangladesh Innovation Forum is the “Business Innovation Summit”. On August 5, 2017, the “Business Innovation Summit” was held for the first time in the Institute of Agricultural Institution of Dhaka, where about 1000 visitors attended. On the 10th of March, 2018, the ‘Business Innovation Summit-2018’ was held in Bangabandhu International Conference Hall (Hall of Fame) for the second time, where about 5000 people visited. The ‘Business Innovation Summit 2018’ was divided into 3 sessions. These included ‘IT Professionals Meet Up’, ‘Business Conference’ and ‘Business Planning Challenge’ Competition. 

In the IT Professionals meet-up session, the country’s top IT professionals, including corporate icons, spoke about this sector. Speakers present on the seminar discussed about various aspects of IT jobs, employment opportunities in the local and international markets, and various aspects of successful job creation including IOT, data science, programming, theme development, affiliate marketing, digital marketing. 

In the ‘Business Conference’ seminar, from the corporate icon to established entrepreneurs spoke on the different aspects of the business world. Speakers discussed, how a person can prepare himself for corporate organization and how an entrepreneur can turn his own initiative into a reality. Also, the country’s top business leaders and corporate icons provided directional insights into corporate manor, leadership, job recruitment process and job opportunities.